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Frequently Asked Question About Waxing...

Is it safe? Can you catch a disease from waxing?

We are clean, clean, clean!  We care about your health and follow the highest national standards when it comes to disinfection. We glove for all of our treatments and use disposable barriers. We NEVER double dip!  You are safe with us.

This is my first Brazilian/Bikini wax.  What can I expect?

It's really not that bad. We use a special hard wax formulated for Brazilian Bikini waxing offering the most gentle experience. We specialize in brazilian bikini waxing and take pride in being the best! We are so confident in our skills that if you aren't completely satisfied with your wax, we will give you a full refund.  This is our way of saying we are the best and we will prove it!

How long does your hair need to be?

If you have been shaving the area, you will need at least 2 weeks of growth from your last shave.  Do not trim the hair before your wax.  There is no such thing as too long to wax but it can be too short!

If you have been waxing, it should take about 4-6 weeks until you are ready for your next wax.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use the highest quality of wax insuring the most gentle experience.  We also take hygiene and health very serious and use the MD/PHD waxing system.  The MD system uses disposable applicators changed with each client and has a one way valve so there is no back flow.  Watch out for roll-on systems as they cross-contaminate with every rolling movement.  We also use a special hard wax formulated especially for sensitive skin. So if you have a bad waxing experience in the past or you think your skin doesn't tolerate waxing, be sure to give us a try! 

Think you're super hairy or just too shy? Embarrassed?

Don't be.  Everyone perceives themselves as being extra hairy or the hairiest person alive. Believe me, your not! Remember, your dictionary of hairy and ours are two completely different meanings.  This is what we perfect in, all day and everyday. We are professional, quick and private.  

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