Underarm Peel  $40 (both)

Great for darkness or discoloration.

Top Arm Peel  $60 (both)

Smooths tiny little arm bumps known as Keratosis Pilaris.

Back Peel  $100

Clears back-acne and breakouts.

Body Peels

Suffering from ingrown hairs? Embarrassed of dark underarms? Try one of our special body peels. The results are amazing! So incredible that we want everyone to experience what we are talking about. 

Face Peels...

Get fast, dramatic results with a chemical peel.  Take away years of sun damage, heal blemishes, and get clearer skin in as little as four treatments.  Improvement seen with every peel. 

Acne Peel $90

Includes: Deep Cleanse, Extractions (if needed), Acne Peel, Moisture with SPF.  

Skin Care Kit with all products needed post-procedure included. 

30 minutes

Reverse (Sun Damage) Peel $90

Includes: Deep Cleanse, Sun Damage Peel, Moisture with SPF.

Skin Care Kit with all products needed post-procedure included.

30 minutes

Spot Peel $40

Spot treatments only.  Intended for those who only need to treat a few blemishes or breakouts.  

Does NOT include skin care kit.

15 minutes 

Bikini Peel  $70

Ideal for anyone suffering from ingrown hairs due to shaving or waxing.

Elbows & Knees  $40

Great for dark or chalky elbows and knees.

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